Les Ajités

The association logo : a blue Keith Harring inspired character holding an orange stylized brain.

Welcome to our website!

We are the Ajités, the association of young researchers of the Paris Brain Institute. Our members include PhD students, postdoctoral researchers, master students, engineers, and principal investigators of the institute. Our main objective is to organize activities that are science-related and social, in the interest of all those who practice science and in particular of the PhD students and postdocs.

On this website you can find out more about who we are and the different activities we organize. Furthermore, you can sign up to become a member and contact us.


Upcoming Events

19th Oct. — 12 pm

Room 1 — 2

27th Oct. — 18 pm

Ground Floor

Meet us on the Institute's ground floor for a refreshing social event!

Our activities

Here is a list of the main recurrent activities that we organize. You can find more details about each of them in the dedicated page.

Brain Fuel logo: a lightbulb merging with a stylized brain

Every month, young researchers of the institute are invited to present their research project and discuss it with a broad audience!

Science Pizza logo : an optical microscope in front of a pizza

We invite external speakers to talk about its research and science in general. This is a monthly occasion to broaden our scientific culture!

Lunch with the speaker logo: a drawing of a club sandwich

Lunch with the Speaker

An extended discussion with the renowned speakers invited by the institute for its internal seminar. This generally takes place after the talks and we provide a nice lunch.

Professional Breakfast logo : a cup of coffee in front of a briefcase

The professional breakfasts are an inter-association effort to bring together early researchers and former researchers that have started a carrier outside academia.

Happy Hour logo : drawing of cocktails drinks and snacks

Every last Thursday of the month, all are invited to join us to the ground floor main hall and enjoy drinks and snacks with everyone. This is a great occasion to meet people from outside the walls of your lab!

Silhouette of a couple dancing salsa and a person practicing yoga

Salsa & Yoga classes

Join our professional teachers to relax in the walls of the Institute while learning salsa or practicing yoga!

Illustrations for Science Pizza, Lunch with the Speaker, Professional Breakfast, Afterworks, Salsa & Yoga Classes, Photo Contest, Scientific Poster Prize, Art Club and International Workshops are under the Attribution Creative Commons 3.0 license, and originally designed by Vexels.