Science Pizza

During lunchtime on (usually) the first Wednesday of the month, we invite speakers to discuss their work that is closely, loosely, or not at all related to neuroscience. The purpose is to inspire and entertain researchers from the Institute with talks that make you look at science with a broader scope.

After the talk, attendees are invited to have pizzas and soft drinks that are provided for by the Ajités.

The organizers of this event are Marie Degrave, Mathieu Yèche and Zeynep Yoldas.

Do you have any idea for a speaker that you would like us to invite? Please drop us an email and we will be happy to organize it!

Upcoming Event


Tardigrades: tiny & strong... but sometimes capricious!

Dr. Emmanuelle Delagoutte

February 8th — Auditorium

She will tell us everything about these tiny and strong, but sometime capricious creatures... Indeed, tardigrades are microscopic animals with exceptional resilience! She will describe the world of tardigrades with specific focus on their discovery, life cycle, life forms and resistance mechanisms. 

Then she will go more in depth on the three tardigrade species that are bred in her laboratory (the Genomics and Physionomy of Adaptation team of the National Museum of Natural History) and describe how they are used in their research projects.

So, if you're even a tiny bit curious about these 8-leggegd animals, use your own feet and come to the auditorium at 12:00 on Wednesday 8th February! And of course, stay for the pizza afterwards!

Archive of Previous Science Pizzas

November 3rd 2020

November 14th 2022Angela Falciatore

Microalgae, marine rhythms & their evolutionary and ecological relevance

Contributing around 20% of annual global carbon fixation, diatoms (the world’s most diverse group of algae) underpin major aquatic food webs and drive global biogeochemical cycles. 

Come and hear how!

As always, followed by pizza!

October 4th 2022 — Ségolène Aymé & Éric Burguière (for the Institute's Ethics Committee)

How to Publish and not Perish: an ethics debate

Come and learn how to resist the multiple potential breaches to scientific integrity during the publication process, and discuss your views on concrete problematic situations (opinions can be given anonymously with Wooclap during the session).

Exceptional joint event with the COMETH (Ethics Committee of the Institute).