Les AJITES - Young Researchers at ICM
Les AJITES - Young Researchers at ICM 


The ICM workshop is a workshop organized annually for the Docs and Post-Docs of the ICM. During three days, we learn about each other's research and practice our project development skills.


The structure of the workshop first provides an opportunity to learn about the other participants' research. After this, the participants form groups (composed of members from different ICM research teams and thus with different backgrounds) in order to build innovative and multidisciplinary research projects.


Finally, those who wish to pursue their newly developed projects will have the opportunity to compete for funding through the ICM Brain Booster Challenge.


We guarantee that you will absolutely LOVE it!


If you have ideas for the next retreat and how to make it even better than the last one, please share them with us by contacting the current Retreat Vice-President:



2016 workshop - Time to register!


This year again, you have the amazing opportunity to participate in the PhD and post-doc workshop organized by the Ajités.

The goal of the workshop is to get to know better other students, post-docs and their projects; in order to come up with an innovative project that could potentially be funded by the brain booster challenge fund of the ICM.

It will take place from Thursday the 13th of October to Saturday the 15th of October, in domaine de Chalès. http://www.chales.fr/
We ask a participation of 20€ per person.

A bus ride is scheduled on the Thursday morning and the Saturday evening.

Please fill out the following form and mention if you prefer to do an oral or a poster presentation.


Please register as soon as possible as the number of spots is limited

See you soon in Jambville !!
The ajités

2015 workshop

Les Ajités

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