Les AJITES - Young Researchers at ICM
Les AJITES - Young Researchers at ICM 

Become a member

To become an AJITE for the 2018-2019 academic year it is super simple :



-STEP 1 : Fill the registration form below.


-STEP 2 : Pay a fee of 5€ to help us run the association. You can pay via PayPal below, bank check or cash.


-STEP 3 : Join our mailing list !




Why should you register ?


Because it is important to build a community of young researchers within the institute. The AJITES will provide many opportunities for meeting your peers and learn new stuff.


When you join the association you show your interest in building a network of young scientists. Our events will help you to know better your colleagues, their research activities and much more !


We also aim at building links between reseachers and start-ups hosted on the 2nd floor.


Finally, you can join the board and become an active member of the community, developp your own projects and your leadership skills !


These are just examples, and being an AJITE is much more than that.






STEP 1 : Registration form



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STEP 2 : AJITE Membership - registration for the 2018-2019 academic year



AJITES Membership - Registration 2018-2019
5,00 EUR

We ask for a 5€ fee to help us run the association and organize events during the year.



The 5€ fee is mandatory to become a member. The membership allows to be an active member or an associate member, to take part in the annual meeting and proceed to the board election.


The membership is available for the 2016-2017 academic year only.


Data filled in the registration form is only used by the association board to better design projects and target members needs. New members accept the rules of the association and have read the association statutes.



STEP 3 : Join our mailing list to receive our latest news



To join the mailing-list of the ICM young researchers: 


Join the google group "ajites_diffusion" by sending a demand on this link.



Become a board member


If you like organizing activities, meeeting up new people or just want to do something fun, come and join the board.

Send a mail to asso.ajites@gmail.com

with your name, last name and team or complete the next form HERE :)




Les Ajités

GH Pitié Salpêtrière
47/83 Bld de l’Hôpital
75651 Paris Cedex 13

Tel :



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