Les AJITES - Young Researchers at ICM
Les AJITES - Young Researchers at ICM 

Les AJITES: Young Researchers of ICM and friends


The Ajités have the aim of bringing together young researchers of the ICM, be they grad students, postdocs or others. We try to create a social and scientific life to make the ICM a fun and stimulating place to work in.


A key moment of the year is our annual workshop, three days during which we learn about each other's research and practice our project development skills.


On a more regular basis, we organize Happy hours to relax, informal journal clubs (Sci-Pi) to exchange ideas, Yoga classes to breathe in the middle of the day and Salsa lessons to end on a bright note. We try to cater for every taste and if you should have an idea, we're here to help you make it happen.


We've also got a room where you can lay back and take a nap during the day or refill your cup of coffee: 2.090

The association is strucutred around a board (CA) which meets about once a month to make decisions and decide orientations, while an executive committee comprising 6 people is dedicated to the day to day management. Elections happen once a year, but you can get involved any other time, just come talk to us!


The Bureau

Les Ajités

GH Pitié Salpêtrière
47/83 Bld de l’Hôpital
75651 Paris Cedex 13

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