Les AJITES - Young Researchers at ICM
Les AJITES - Young Researchers at ICM 

Welcome to the AJITES website!


We are the organization at ICM for Docs, Post-Docs and friends at the ICM. We aim to enhance the social and scientific experiences here at the institute and we organize many activities to make life a little more interesting.


Please browse around to learn more about us, our scientific activities and our extra-scientific activities.


Finally, join the organization to receive regular updates, join our classes and support our projects!

PhD and Post-doc retreat 2018 - register now!


After the success of the ION/ICM workshop last year, Les AJITES are excited to invite you to take part in the workshop ICM/ION 2018.

The conference will take place from the 24th to the 26th October, with a closing session on the 29th, at the ICM.

The conference aims to bring our institutes together and exchange about our research while giving us the opportunity to learn more about neuroscience in a relaxed environment.

It is also a great moment to get some experience at presenting and discussing your project in international meetings, to discover interesting techniques and strategies used within each institute and of course to meet cool new people! The event will traditionally close with the Brain Booster Challenge part on October 29th, which will allow the emergence of your most beautiful, audacious and innovative research ideas. And of course, you can count on us to make the social moment as crazy as your work is !

There is now about 20 places left, and they are going quickly!

The workshop is open to anyone doing or already having a PhD.

So do not hesitate and if you’d like to take part, please register soon following this link: http://urlz.fr/7oNE

For further questions, please email jeanbaptiste.hure@icm-institute.org


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Les Ajités

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